About Electronic Innovations & Research 
Electronic Innovations & Research strives to provide web-based solutions to users of all levels. We have products in place that cater to the novice user, who may own a small family business or even an individual needing a personal content based website. On the other hand we also cater to the medium sized business who is looking for a cost effective and hastle free solution. Electronic Innovations & Research guarantee's a final product within three weeks and takes care of all the back office and maintenance issues associated with operating and starting up a website.

We offer two arms of service to our clients. Design and construction enabling a company to cleanly enter the e-business areana. And site maintenance, performance measurement and updates which keep the company or individual at the forefront of their market. Electronic Innovations & Research takes care of all related issues concerned with keeping your site up to date and informative. Taking on all responsibility for completion gives peace of mind to our clients that they are not wasting time and money.


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