Terms and Conditions 


Electronic Innovations & Research is committed to eliminating unknowns wherever possible. For this to be successful we require the full co-operation of our clients in regard to a free flow of information on the content and design of their webpage. The following conditions apply to the EI&R guarantee of a fixed price and a fixed delivery time for our websites: 

  • These guarantees only apply to those preferences and requests made by the customer and agreed on with that customers assigned EI&R representative, prior to the commencement of that websites construction.
  • The time guarantee, and where additional fee's apply, the price guarantee, will be deemed void if the customer makes further requests once website construction has commenced.
  • If the customer does not make any further website requests once construction has commenced, and EI&R is unable to fulfill its obligation of completion within two weeks of commencement, EI&R will forgo 50% of the construction fee from that customer. Although the construction fee is waived, maintenance costs will still apply.
  • The two weeks for completion will start from the day that all preferences are agreed on and construction commences. Two weeks from commencement date will include weekends but exclude public holidays. The two weeks will also exclude one week from Christmas day, the 25th of December to the 1st of January.
  • At no time does EI&R claim that prices will be fixed for custom graphic design, photography and/or branding. The priced packages include only those services within that package as outlined, and any additional requests may or may not incur additional fee's.

Electronic Innovations & Research employs a 30 day money back guarantee on all website design and construction excluding:

  • All custom graphic design where the services of a professional graphic designer are required.
  • All custom branding and letterhead design where the services of a professional graphic designer are required.
  • All custom photographic design work where the services of a professional photographer are required.
  • Alterations to existing sites charged at the applicable hourly rate are not refundable.
  • Marketing consultations in regard to advertising on both the internet and traditional format (eg. Newspapers) are not refundable.

Electronic Innovations & Research will make every effort possible to fulfill its obligations and ensure customer satisfaction within its power. We are confident that with the processes in place we are capable of fulfilling any customer's needs within the above framework.


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Terms and Conditions