Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Why are your prices so low?
    EI&R employs a business plan aimed at getting the job done without wasting time in areas where we believe streamlining can be achieved. Through the systems EI&R has in place, we can produce a product with fewer man hours and the same result.
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  • What if I don't like the final result?
    EI&R will use all details provided by our clients from both documentation and noted conversational requests completed prior to site construction. Clients can take as long as they like in completing this preliminary stage, but after construction is complete the alteration fee's will apply beyond the free monthly support to that account and the 1 week post completion adjustment frame.
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  • Can I change anything I like once the site is complete?
    Yes. Any features within your site are fully flexible and can be altered within the EI&R framework at no charge within the 1st week operational, or at the hourly rate after the first week has lapsed.
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  • Can I upgrade my account once construction is complete?
    Yes. Changing your plan up from express to ecommerce is a simple process involving the input of your products into your site and activating the shopping cart. This will be charged at the hourly alteration rates.
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  • Can I downgrade my account once construction is complete?
    Yes. But changing your plan down from ecommerce to express will involve removal of products. Ensure this is what you want, as once they are removed they must be mannually re-enetered at your expense.
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  • Why do I have to pay an ongoing fee?
    This is to cover the cost of maintaining your website 'space' on the internet. This can be thought of as the rent for your site. Within this fee are services as outlined in the 'Maintenance Details' page under 'Prices'. The larger fee's apply due to increased maintenance and inclusions on larger ecommerce facilities.
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  • Can I get a refund if I am still not satisfied?
    Preferably you would cancel your order at any time before site construction commences as this stage is time consuming and laboursome. EI&R does understand that circumstances change, therefore we offer a 30 day money back guarantee from construction commencement.
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  • How much of the work is done in-house?
    EI&R employs staff at all levels of the design and construction process. Maintenance and level 3 programming of back office is carried out by our American partner. Level 1 and 2 support is based in Australia.
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  • What makes EI&R different from other web developers?
    EI&R strives for efficient use of man hours then passing on these savings to our clients. The aim is for a turnaround within two week's of preference submission. Other developers happpily spend several weeks designing and customising a product that will cost the customer tens of thousands of dollars. We think there is a better way.
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