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Once you have ordered your plan, EI&R will contact you on the details entered in the purchasing fields to confirm your preferences for site theme, content and colors. Please provide as much detail as is possible due to fee's applying for alterations to your site once construction is complete. Click here now for an information guide on what data we require to construct your site.

After entry of the initial information is complete, EI&R will contact you for further details if any issues have been missed. Depending on the number of referals required and the complexity of your requests, your site may take up to two weeks to complete.

Express- Intermediate
The Express Intermediate website includes all basic account features as listed on the prices menu. If you have not looked through these features, click the Prices button at the top of this page.
Express- Professional
The user with high storage requirements will require an upgrade to the professional account, boasting four times the storage of the intermediate account, it allows flexibility in audio, video and high resolution graphic media's.
The business owner will find automation of ecommerce easy to integrate into their current systems. With up to 50 products and advanced site statistics, tracking marketing effectiveness will be significantly simplified. All prices subject to change..
The medium sized business owner with large inventory will require this account to cope with the increased demands. Full account access gives this user the flexibility in functions to produce a website incorporating the most demanding inventory control. All prices subject to change..
Site Alterations
Alteration quotes are supplied by EI&R editing staff once an order is submitted via the 'Secure Page'. This quote will correspond to one of our alteration time allocations. Enter your requirements now to have your alterations commence today. All prices subject to change..
Graphic Design and Branding
Enhance your profile with personal branding for your business. We have packages that include logo, branding, letterhead and marketing design. All prices subject to change..
If your website has a requirement for professional photography, our team will efficiently and economically come to your premises and insert the graphics onto your website. This is all within the 14 day guarantee! All prices subject to change..
Marketing Consulting
Speak to one of our marketing consultants to discuss your sites requirements and formulate a stragety to effectively promote your product online.  Don't waste time and money through trial and error. All prices subject to change..


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